Types Of Pressure Washer Engines For Various Jobs


Because there are different types of pressure washer engines in the market, users can find the best one that perfectly fits their job. Small and portable pressure washers are preferred for smaller jobs, while industries prefer heavy-duty pressure washers for larger jobs. Each of the types listed below has unique characteristics that make them suitable for particular jobs. The four main types are.

  • Gas-powered engines
  • Diesel-powered engines
  • Electric powered engines
  • Hydraulic powered engines

Before selecting a pressure washer engine, the main consideration is to identify the job at hand and the location of use of the pressure washer engine. This article will discuss the different types of pressure washer engines and the jobs they execute best.

Gas-powered pressure washer engines

A gas-powered pressure washer engine is one that you can depend on if you are operating in a region with no electricity. Since they are designed for large secluded areas, they can provide a large PSI (pressure per square inch). Some of the merits of gas-powered engines include.

  • They are relatively fast at cleaning
  • They are more portable
  • They can run without electrical power
  • They are more potent than electrical units

However, gas-powered engines are much louder compared to electrical motors and thus might cause noise pollution. In addition, they also produce fumes that may be harmful to the environment. This, therefore, means that gas-powered engines are preferable for outdoor jobs where user can manage their noise and air pollution.

Diesel pressure washer engines

Diesel engines are also an option, apart from gas-powered engines, if your job is in a large area with no electric supply. Diesel-powered engines offered more power than that outputted by gas-powered engines. This means that they support more robust pressure flow and can be used for heavy-duty jobs. Diesel-powered engines are common among contractors and individuals conducting large pressure washing jobs.

Electric-powered pressure washer engines

Electric-powered engines are preferred units if your job’s location has an electric power supply. These units, unlike gas-powered engines, are quiet and do not produce fumes. However, they are limited in terms of supply. This means that they offer less power compared to gas-powered engines. In addition, commercial and industrial premises are allowed a higher electrical output compared to most homes.

Nonetheless, electrical units have found a lot of applications both indoors and outdoors. You can pick an electrical engine designed for lightweight or heavyweight jobs.

Hydraulic engines

This engine type is found in mines or construction sites. It power washes different farm equipment. Hydraulic-powered engines, just like diesel- and gas-powered engines, do not require electricity to operate. You are only required to attach it to a specific oil power supply, and it runs. The hydraulic pressure washer has the following attachments; a heavy-duty trigger, a wand, and a 40-foot hose.


All the types of pressure engines have different application fields. For instance, a household might prefer an electric-powered motor for a lightweight job, while an industry might opt for a diesel engine for their heavy-duty tasks as they offer more power. Whichever you choose, ensure it meets your need for maximum benefits.


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